Friday, February 5, 2010

Sundance Films: Restrepo

Title: Restrepo
Director: Sebastian Junger, Tim Hetherington

Summary: In 2008 Sebastian Junger (The Perfect Storm) and Tim Hetherington dug in with the men of Second Platoon for a year. Afghanistan's Korengal Valley, a stronghold of al Qaeda and the Taliban, has proven to be one of the U.S. Army's deadliest challenges. It is here that the platoon lost their comrade, PFC Juan Restrepo, and erected an outpost in his honor. Up close and personal, Junger and Hetherington gain extraordinary insight into the surreal combination of backbreaking labor and deadly firefights that are a way of life at Outpost Restrepo. Ever wonder what it's really like to be in the trenches of war? Look no further. Restrepo may be one of the most experiential and visceral war films you'll ever see. With unprecedented access, the filmmakers reveal the humor and camaraderie of men who come under daily fire, never knowing which of them won't make it home (Sundance).

Thoughts: Winning the Grand Jury Prize for documentaries is a huge honor and it shouldn’t be treated lightly. From what I’ve seen, directors Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington have put together one heck of a film. It’s being compared to a real life Hurt Locker and I can see why. Junger, a writer, and Hetherington, a photographer, aren’t your typical filmmakers, but perhaps that’s why they are able to think outside of the box to create this master piece. Definitely look for this in theaters.

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