Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trailer: Off and Running

There are few coming of age stories in the documentary genre. There are usually several factors working against such real life tales, but the main issues center around a teenager's willingness (or rather, lack there of) to be filmed and to open up emotionally during their search for identity and independence.

But there is a film that might succeed in unearthing this story for the documentary genre and with a flair that is anything but normal. Nicole Opper's Off and Running focuses on Avery, an African American girl adopted by two white, Jewish lesbians. A budding track star on the verge of a college scholarship, Avery wonders about her African American roots and begins a complicated exploration of race, identity and family.

If the story itself doesn't sound engrossing, then the trailer for Off and Running will certainly grab your attention. Expect a review for this film shortly as the DocFilm Online staff is too excited to wait long for this one.

Head to the film's website to watch the trailer and find out when it will be released in your area.

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