Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who needs the Oscars? IDA Awards Announced!

Like a soothing aloe on burned skin, the International Documentary Association recently released a few of the winners from their yearly award show to quell the recent rage documentary film fans have had over The Academy Award selection process. The IDA's award show isn't until this Friday, so the big winners won't be announced till then, but in the meantime here's the list of smaller category winners to wet your appetite.

In the category carrying the most popular features, Anvil! The Story of Anvil beat out fellow contenders It Might Get Loud and Soundtrack for a Revolution (as well as three other nominees) to be named best music documentary.

The Continuing Series Award went to PBS' P.O.V. series while the Sundance Channel's Architecture School (a six-part series following a group of students at Tulane's School of Architecture) won in the best Limited Series category.

If you're into health issues, Garbage Dreams (the story of three teenage boys growing up in the outskirts of Cairo) won the newly added IDA/Humanitas Award and The Final Inch (which follows health workers in some of India's poorest neighborhoods) received this year's IDA/Pare Lorentz Award

There are a few other winners announced, but the big story is who won the best documentary feature and best documentary short awards. Those winners won't be unveiled until Friday, but the list of nominees is as follows:

Feature Documentary Nominees
- Afghan Star by Havana Marking
- Anvil! The Story of Anvil by Sacha Gervasi
- Diary of a Times Square Thief by Klaas Bense
- Food, Inc. by Robert Kenner
- Mugabe and the White African by Lucy Bailey, Andrew Thompson

Short Documentary Nominees
- The Delian Mode by Kara Blake
- Salt by Michael Angus, Murray Fredericks
- Sari's Mother by James Longley
- The Solitary Life of Cranes by Eva Weber

Our site will recap the Award show winners next week, so stay tuned here to know which documentaries you should be watching.

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