Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Waiting For Armageddon' Trailer

The documentary team of Kate Davis, Franco Sacchi and David Heilbroner most recent film is of Biblical proportions. Their film Waiting for Armageddon focuses on the Evangelical Christian community's belief in the Biblical prophecies of Rapture and Armageddon.

Obviously, these are two subjects outsiders find of great concern because whether you believe such notions are insane or worth discussing, you can't help but feel the impact these beliefs have on the rest of society.

Waiting for Armageddon tries to understand these beliefs through interviews with Christians, Zionists and Jewish practitioners. The trailer carries a very somber tone, but this may very well be a film that sparks an interesting debate.

The film has already appeared in a few smaller film festivals so don't catch yourself waiting for this one. Go to the film's website, watch the trailer and learn how you can view the film for yourself.

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