Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oprah Winfrey turns to Documentaries

Leave it to Oprah to really push the documentary genre to the mainstream public (face it, she has so many followers in the US she puts Barack Obama to shame). In what I would call a surprise announcement and bold move, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) will develop a monthly documentary film club when it launches in 2011.

Following a similar stratagey that has made her book club so successful, OWN's documentary film club will not only involve films airing on the channel, but will also include an online community and exclusive video content at Even more impressive is a selection of the films will be featured in special theatrical screenings across the country and involve live panel discussions.

OWN CEO Christina Norman says, "OWN's commitment to Self-Discovery provides the ideal platform to elevate documentary films and the real, compelling stories they tell."

If you're worried this will mean more sappy or shallow documentaries geared towards stay at home mom's, think again. OWN is partnering with ro*co Productions to find films for the network. That means documentary powerhouses like Street Fight, No End in Sight, The Weather Underground, What Would Jesus Buy and countless others will potentially be in the mix. That's a wonderful lineup and should have documentary fans everywhere salivating.

"Partnering with ro*co Productions, OWN will deliver the very best documentaries to our audience and give them ways to connect through stories that move them," says Norman.


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