Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BBC let's YOU edit a documentary

Attention all editors, directors, filmmakers, film lovers and people with too much time on your hands; the BBC wants you. No, they're not going to hire you (not yet anyway), but they are offering you probably the coolest opportunity I've heard of in years.

From the BBC: "For the first time ever, uncut video for a BBC documentary series, is online NOW for YOU to download and re-edit. Cut it, clip it, mash it, animate it, make fun of it if you like. It's free to use. And you can enter our competition."

That's right. Free, professionally produced footage is just being handed over to you to do with as you will. Better yet, you can win fame and fortune just by being a creative freeloader! I'm going to go ahead and label this my Christmas gift to all of you. Enjoy.

Head on over to their "Digital Revolution" site to download to content and begin editing. Trust me, whether you love the BBC, hate the BBC, or just want to hone your editing chops, this is the perfect opportunity to have professional produced material fall into your lap. But remember, as Spiderman's Uncle once said: "with great power, comes great responsibility."

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