Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trailer- As Seen Through These Eyes

The Holocaust and the lives lost during World War 2 is not an event most societies are ready to forgot and it seems every year a new documentary is released covering some topic from that era. For those looking for a WW2 film that has something more to offer audiences, As Seen Through These Eyes takes a unique more artistic approach to the Holocaust.

Directed by Hilary Helstein and narrated by Maya Angelou, As Seen Through These Eyes reveals the stories of artists armed with the tools and talents at their disposal to make a stand against Fascism. The film seems to be following this new wave of artistic and non-traditional documentary styles, and by featuring the poetic talents of the great Maya Angelou, I doubt it will disappoint.

But why are you taking my word for it? Head on over to the film's website to read more about the film, watch a trailer and see when it will be playing at a theater near you.

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