Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gibney's Health Care Bill

As the battle for health care rages throughout the United States, Oscar-Award winning director Alex Gibney has decided to drop in his two cents worth.  No, he's not speaking at a town hall meeting, nor is he introducing a legislative bill.  Instead, he's doing what every filmmaker does when he feels there needs to be a change: he makes a documentary.

Money Driven Medicine is not necessarily a film choosing one side of the health care debate, or the other, but it is the about director's desire to see some sort of change.  Based off award wining journalist, Maggie Mahar's book of the same name, the film uses countless interviews with doctors (not ordinary citizens) to state their case. Gibney told the Chicago Tribune, "We went out and photographed a lot of doctors and, indeed, doctors who had opted out of the system to become spokespeople for a new idea, to say, 'You know what? Our system is not the best in the world.'"

Both Gibney and Mahar have hit the media tour touting the new film (including a recent interview on Nightline), so it is safe to say their film could be released in the near future.  However, the distributor for Money Driven Medicine (Newsreel) seems quite mum on a potential theatrical run at the moment. Let's hope that changes as a health care reform film may be quite topical as the debate rages throughout the country.

Head on over to the film's current website or ABC News for more on Money Driven Medicine.

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