Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sundance Films: Rough Aunties

Title: Rough Aunties
Director: Kim Longinotto
Potential Major Release Date: Hitting the Film Festival circuit

Summary: Filmmaker Kim Longinotto profiles Jackie, Mildred, Eureka, Sdudla and Thuli -- five remarkable women who staff Bobbi Bear, a South African nonprofit organization that helps sexually abused children and mobilizes the community to fight abuse. Longinotto follows the diverse group of advocates as they meet with families, work with the authorities to make arrests, and counsel victims, using teddy bears to help children tell their heartbreaking stories (NetFlix).

Thoughts: My first thought, after reading the title, was to add the words “gone wild” after it. I then fantasized about a film combining elements of Cops, Girls Gone Wild and Golden Girls. Well, by fantasized I mean, I laughed really hard. But, my fictional, award-winning documentary is not the focus of this article, Kim Longinotto’s less exploitive work is. And I gotta say, judging from the film’s website, this could be good. It obviously touches on a serious subject, but in a way that will most likely make audiences laugh as much as they cry. I’m definitely intrigued.

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