Monday, January 12, 2009

The Conservative Michael Moore...

It was bound to happen. You can't let a crazy, left-leaning nut run around with a camera forever and not expect a crazy, right-leaning nut to enter the battle. So Michael Moore, I give you your arch enemy: John Ziegler. To quote a terrible movie (Alien vs Predator), "Whoever wins, we lose."

Many of you Doc enthusiasts are probably well aware of Ziegler and his new documentary "How Obama Got Elected" because of the man's 'shocking' interview with Sarah Palin who blamed the media and comedy-satire shows like Saturday Night Live for her and John McCain's failed bid to win the White House. Palin's interview, of course, has hit every major news network because if the media loves one thing, its a scathingly opinionated interview.

There is no release date yet for the media-bashing "How Obama Got Elected" film, but if your curious about the man's beliefs/arguments check out "Blocking the Path to 9/11"- a recently released a documentary on the failed investigations into the attacks of September 11, 2001- blaming Clinton, not Bush, for his inability to prevent the attack. Or, if you like, head over to his website and get a feel for what's inside the mind of an extremely opinionated, conservative filmmaker.

Personally- after hearing the thoughts of both him and Michael Moore- can't we just all agree that there are people on both sides of the political spectrum who are idiots or corrupt and that angry satire helps solve nothing except to piss people off? Though, I do think it's funny that the two filmmakers blame the media more often then not.


john said...

This is John Ziegler. Yes, that one. IF I am the "conservative Micahel Moore" I have a lot more facts and a lot less fat.

Speaking of facts, yours are way off in this article.

DocFilm Online said...

I'm not sure what facts I said here that are debatable. Though I must admit I enjoyed the 'fat' and 'facts' turn of phrase, so I'll let it slide.