Monday, July 7, 2008

HBO Brings Summer Entertainment

If you are like me, the summer months translate to 'nothing to watch on tv.' Of course, there's always the ever wonderful USA original programming to keep us entertained (Burn Notice starts this Thursday and you can't help but love Monk), but that only covers so many nights! Thankfully, HBO has heard the collective sighs of boredom and answered the call with a summer long documentary series.

Airing every Monday night from now until the end of August, HBO has put together a pretty impressive list of films. Tonight's documentary is "The Art of Failure". Directed by Jeff Stimmel, it looks at artist Chuck Connelly, who sold more than a million dollars worth of art in the 1980's.

So if you are luckier (or richer) than myself and actually get HBO I highly recommend making the jump to their website and seeing the list for yourself. HBO has always been on the forefront of documentary promotion so let's hope this series is just a taste of more to come.

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